Face & Body Treatments

We offer an extensive range of prescription and personalised facials. We only use the best products to ensure the experience and end results are as you would expect.

Matis Facials

Matis Classic
1 hr £42.00
Basic prescription facial. Very relaxing. Suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive
Matis Express
½ hr £19.50
Mini version of the 'Classic'. (Suitable for all skin types)
Matis Essential Nutrition Facial
An extremely nourishing facial that acts like a cocoon to the skin designed to act as "food for your skin"
Matis Whitening / Brightening
1 hr £59.95
An intense, results driven facial that leaves the skin clear & fresh. Great for dull/tired skin, anti-ageing, uneven skin tone. Suitable for all skin types
Matis Chromatis
1 hr £52.50
Facial specifically for very sensitive, reactive or delicate skin
Matis Ultimate Hydrating
1¼ hrs £68.25
Deeply relaxing face and hand treatment using unique collagen bio-matrix mask to moisturise, hydrate and smooth the skin
Matis Skin Enhancer
1 hr £49.95
An anti-oxidant facial that brighens the skin to reveal a luminous complexion, whilst instantly firming and radiating
Matis Corrective
1 hr £57.75
A 'fix' for fine lines and wrinkles
Matis Deep Cleansing Facial
1 hr £52.50
An anti-oxidant facial that brighens the skin to reveal a A results driven facial designed to cleanse and purify the skin
Matis Intensive Smoothing Peeling Facial
1 hr £60.00
A soft chemical peel treatment that helps to combat fine lines and wrinkles, refine the skins texture and provide instant luminosity while working on target areas of pigmentations and imperfections
Matis Absolute Purity Self-Heating Treatment
1 hr £49.50
A treatment designed for combination and oily skin types in search of balance. The treatment restores radiance and luminosity to oil-prone epidermises, controls shines and refines the texture of the skin
Matis Lifting and Resculpting Facial
1¼ hrs £60.00
Using shea butter, jasmine flower essence, inca inchi seed oil and oatsugar, which stays on the surface of the skin to form a 3D web and spreads like an elastic film that smoothes and helps retighten the skin

Other Facials

Oxygen (0²) Facial
1 hr £69.00
Anti-aging and rejuvenating facial - the ultimate skin enhancing treatment using pressurised oxygen from our specialist machine. The face is left feeling smoother, tighter and moisturised. (Suitable for anyone, but especially for dull, de-vitalised skin – good for lines and wrinkles)
Facial Toner Classic
1 hr £45.50
Known as 'the non-surgical face lift', this facial treatment uses minute electrical currents to stimulate facial muscles. (Suitable for anyone concerned with lack of muscle tone or slackened skin)
Facial Toner Deluxe
1½ hrs £57.50
As per Facial Toner Classic but including exfoliation & mask. (Suitable for anyone concerned with lack of muscle tone or slackened skin)
Crystal Microdermabrasion
1 hr £45.00
A non-invasive, deep down exfoliation treatment. Micro-crystals remove the skin surface layer, stimulating cell renewal, leaving skin soft, smooth and more radiant. (Suitable for anyone, but especially good for scarred, pigmented, problem skin)
Aromatherapy Facial
1¼ hrs £48.00
Suitable for any skin type, this deeply relaxing treatment uses a mixture of blended oils and gels. A lovely relaxing treatment, incorporating lots of massage. (Suitable for all skin types)
'Taster' Facial
1 hr £47.50
Try our taster, which combines the best of our facials in one trial session - Microdermabrasion, Facial Toner & Oxygen (0²). (Suitable for all skin types)

Eye Treatments

Matis Crystal Eye
45 mins £34.50
An award winning unique eye treatment that puts the sparkle back into tired eyes! Formulated to firm, soothe and relax the vulnerable eye area. A visible difference in how your eyes look and feel. (Can be combined with any other facial for only £26.00)


Relaxing / Swedish Massage

Full Body
1 hr £45.00
Back & Neck
½ hr £24.50

Hot Stone Massage

Full Body
1¼ hrs £49.75
Back & Neck
¾ hr £31.50

Aromatherapy Massage

Full Body
1¼ hrs £47.50
Face, Back & Neck
¾ hr £31.50

Other Massage

Indian Head Massage
½ hr £24.50
Matis Indulgent Warm Candle Massage
½ hr £25.00
Thai Hot Compress
¾ hr £36.75
Indonesian (Mande Lular)
1½ hrs £52.50
Body Silk
¾ hr £30.75
(Full body exfoliation, shower then full body moisturiser)
2 hrs £63.00
(Full body exfoliation followed by a full body aromatherapy massage, finished with a dry glittering body oil)


Matispa Moisturising Honey Massage Treatment
¾ hr £40.00
A back scrub with Matispa's new Dry Petal Body Scrub, followed by a 30 minute back massage with Matispa Honey Massage Cream
Matispa Ultimate Back Treatment
¾ hr £42
A facial for your back! This lovely treatment can incorporate high frequency for problem backs. Products used will be selected according to skin-type

Specialist Treatments

¾ hr £21.00
For toning, tightening and lymph drainage
G5 Massage
½ hr £18.25
Cellulite special for hips, thighs and buttocks
Hopi Ear Candles


First 30 minute consultation
1hr £50.00
No Smoking
2hrs £120.00
Weight Loss
3 x 1hr £180.00

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